eidas scan

Flujos de trabajo one click de eIDAS Scan
one click workflows
Multiples destinos eIDAS de eIDAS Scan
automatic distribution to multiple destinations
Legal and auditable documents*
Digitalización dentro multifuncional para eIDAS Scan
100% inside the multifunctional

With Eidas Scan HP you can:

  • Generate documentation flows by associating them to a button and executing them with a single click.
  • Enter metadata, perform electronic signature and time stamping.
  • Separate documents using barcodes (EAN, Code 39, QR, datamatrix…) and assign the code read to the PDF name.
  • Send documents according to their type to different systems via folders, FTP, SFTP or HTTPS.
  • When scanning documents of a common typology, you can automatically separate them.
  • Know what is being scanned and by whom.
  • Enable secure document processing by sending documents to an HTTPS service.
  • You can generate password-protected encrypted documents.
Pantalla multifuicional HP con eIDAS Scan

eIDAS Scan is the application that runs inside HP MFPs.

Get your documentation securely with just one click.

eIDAS is a European Union regulation on electronic identification standards and trust services for electronic transactions within the European Single Market.


Automatic sending based on barcode reading

Barcode reading of documents and generation of PDF documents with the barcode read. Sending to different destinations depending on the type of document.

Scanning with embedded information and sending to document management systems

Scanning with embedded information in PDF documents to be automatically indexed by document managers.

Personalisation of users and certificates

Each user digitises their documents and digitally signs the documents with their own digital certificate.

Scanning with sending to one or more destinations

Scanning with the generation of multiple documents so that each one has a specific number of pages and sends them to one or several preset destinations at the same time (shared folders, SFTP, FTP, web service).

eIDAS is a community regulation of the European Union on electronic identification standards and trust services for electronic transactions within the Single European Market.


    * For the legal validity of documents generated with biometric signatures, please refer to the legislation in force in your country.