Certified TRUE copy

Software integrated with HP scanners, generating an authentic electronic copy of documents received on paper with the same legal validity as the original document, all at the click of a button.

Paper is eliminated from the processing and document management processes from the outset, thus reducing costs, archive volume, paper usage and environmental impact.

The document generated complies with current regulations (Law 39/2015 and Technical Interoperability Standard 19 July 2011).

  • Digital image of the document.
  • Electronic signature.
  • Time stamped.
  • With the minimum mandatory metadata.

(*) check with your reseller for the compatibility of the solution with your HP computer model.


Automatically embeds the minimum mandatory data required by law

Electronic signature

Creation of a certified PDF document within HP scanners

Time stamping

Incorporates time stamping automatically, with a single click.

Logotipo de copia auténtica de Giroc Integral